Chewable Pendants

Disc Pendants

  • Classic button disc shape stylish and sophisticated for any young child or teen
  • Smooth contours of a button for the extra sensory experience
  • the strongest chew for the more robust chewer

Cat Pendant

  • Smooth on one side nubby on the other allow for a variety of sensory experiences and is well suited for those with tactile rubbing needs

Miller Heart Pendant

  • Attractive pendant style necklace
  • Various thicknesses around the perimeter and an opening in the middle that allows plenty of room for fingers to grab and squeeze

Raindrop Pendant

  • Firm with a slight flex
  • Gloss finish
  • Unique design allows for a different chew experience and extra sensory input each time

Skull Pendant

  • Smooth on one side and has nubs on the other for a double sensory experience
  • A durable pendant great for those that have oral and tactile sensory needs


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