• Offers TENS programs to treat different kinds of pain.
  • Choose between 7 preset programs, and 3 open slots to create your own personalized programs.
    • P1: TENS conventional
    • P2: Burst/Endorphin
    • P3: Modulated Pulse Duration Stimulation
    • P4: Treatment of Sensitive Areas
    • P5: Mixed Frequency Tens
    • P6: Treatment of Nausea
    • P7: Cefar Flow Tens - 4 electrodes
    • P8-10: Personalized Program
  • Helps provide relief from chronic and/or acute pain
  • Cefar Easy Touch Automatic Intensity Adjustment - At the press of a button, the intensity is automatically set and adjusted according to the results of the Auto test analysis.
  • 2 Independent Channels to allow treatment using two different programs simultaneously
  • A code lock lets you lock in the patient's settings to ensure that the right program is used.
  • A compliance monitor keeps track of how much the patient has used the stimulator.
  • Some programs have a preset timer.
  • An automatic keypad lock prevents accidental changes in amplitude.
  • A clear display shows the current settings.
  • Precise setting of amplitude lets you fine-tune the current strength in increments of 0.5 mA.
  • Rechargable 1.5 V AA batteries give a longer stimulation period.

Besides conventional high-frequency stimulation low-frequency stimulation in bursts and modulated pulse-duration high frequency stimulation the CEFAR Primo also features mixed-frequency stimulation. Mixed frequency stimulator activates both coarse and muscle based nerve fibres which can make treatment more effective. The ablilty to set the frequencies separately for mixed-frequency stimulation ensures pleasant stimulation. Two of the programs have a preset timer.

Cefar Primo Pro comes with 2 sets of lead wires, rechargeable batteries and charger, electrodes, neck strap, bag, and user manual

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