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Eclipse+ Digital TENS

Technical Data:

  • Number of channels - 2 fully independent
  • Constant current - Up to a resistance of 1500 Ohm
  • Stimulation - current/channel (0-60 mA)
  • Pulse width - 50-400 s
  • Pulse rate - 1-120 Hz
  • Waveforms - Asymmetrical biphasic pulse 100% compensated.
  • Stimulation modes - 7
  • Number of programs - 11
  • Timer - 1-60 min in steps of 1 min / Off
  • Warranty - 3 years parts and labor

Stimulation modes:

  • Continuous (C)
  • Strength Duration (SD)
  • Burst (B)
  • Modulated Rate (MR)
  • Modulated Width (MW)
  • Combination Modulation (CM)
  • Mixed Frequency (MXF)
The Empi ECLIPSE+ Digital TENS Stimulator
  • The next generation in the world renowned Eclipse product family designed to provide the ultimate flexibility in the management of pain relief.
  • The Empi ECLIPSE+ Digital offers a comprehensive selection of pain management programs for the effective treatment of chronic acute-traumatic and post surgical applications.
  • It is fully programmable simple to use and features unlimited customized treatment programs using seven (7) different modes of stimulation; Continuous, Strength Duration, Burst, Modulated Rate, Modulated Width, Combination Modulation, Mixed Frequency.

Programming Functions

  • Eleven (11) user-defined treatment programs that can be programmed and stored in the device for customized treatment of an extensive range of pain conditions.
  • Features seven (7) different modes of stimulation variable pulse rate and pulse width settings and independent amplitude controls.
  • Simply choose your stimulation mode and set the parameters in order to design your patient-specific program. The program is then stored in the simulator and can easily be used in clinic or for home treatment.
  • 2 Fully Independent Channels that allows you to use two different programs at the same time.
  • There is an independent timer available for each channel making it possible to program each channel individually from 0-60 minutes.
  • Program lock feature allows individual programs to be locked to prevent unintentional program modifications during clinical or home use.
  • Pause function enables adjustments to the initial electrode placement during treatment.
  • Two different levels of compliance including individual patient usage time and total device usage time.
  • Auto stimulation mode assists the patient to easily find the optimal level of stimulation to ensure the maximum therapeutic outcome is achieved with each treatment.
  • Equipped with a vivid back light providing a dynamic view of the device status and screen functions in all lighting conditions.
  • The on board microprocessor continually monitors the proper functioning of the device and will immediately report any errors or problems on the screen.

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