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Intelect Mobile Ultrasound by Chattanooga

  • Fully functional 1 and 3.3 MHz frequencies.
  • Ten new user-defined memory positions for User Protocols.
  • Pulsed and continuous therapy operation (10% 20% 50% and 100%).
  • Beam Nonuniformity Ration (BNR)5:1 Maximum.
  • 110V or battery powered option.
  • New ergonomically designed applicators in variety of sizes (1cm 2cm 5cm and 10cm).
  • Applicators are interchangeable with Electronic Signature residing on all transducers.
  • Head warming function on all applicators.
  • Also available in an 2 channel Mobile Stim Mobile Laser and also a Mobile Combo unit.
  • Complete information on these units available upon request.

Standard accessories:

  • 5cm Applicator
  • Ultrasound Gel
  • User Manual on CD

Optional Accessories:

  • 1cm Applicator
  • 2cm Applicator
  • 10cm Applicator
  • Battery Pack
  • Intelect Mobile Carrying Bag
  • Therapy System Cart

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