Body Therapy Small Ball Release

  • In the Small Ball Release Video Cheryl Soleway PT A.C.E. Certified Fitball Master Trainer leads you through an easy-to-follow routine for neck upper and lower back gluts hips and legs.
  • Overlaid diagrams and arrows show you what areas are targeted and the line of pressure.
  • Beautiful outdoor scenery and soothing music help relax you while performing the releases.
  • The Small Ball Release Book illustrates procedures for effectively creating space-length and release of both muscular and interconnective tissue through the use of small balls.
  • Illustrated-Softcover-80 pages.
  • The Small Ball Release Program is very effective for relieving work- and stress-related tension in neck and shoulder muscles.
  • It is equally effective on sore tight muscles and connective tissue resulting from strength training sports and certain physical activities.
  • By lying on a small inflatable ball (5-7 in diameter) your body weight creates a force that relaxes and stretches muscles and connective tissue.
  • This letting go is called a release.
  • The intensity of the release is controlled by the amount of body weight you allow to sink into the ball and by the size of the ball (larger balls are less intense smaller balls more intense).
  • Because this program works on the myofascia that surrounds the muscles greater improvements in flexibility are achieved than with stretching alone.

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