Bone Growth Stimulator - EBI

EBI Bone Healing System

  • An adjunctive treatment alternative in the treatment of nonunions failed fusions and congenital pseudarthroses in the appendicular system.


  • EBI is the original developer and leading provider of bone growth stimulators and was introduced in 1979 as a noninvasive alternative or adjunct to surgery.
  • Indicated for nonunion fractures failed fusions and congenital pseudarthrosis FLX Flexible Treatment Coil is placed directly over fracture site and produces impulses called Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) which can help grow bone and heal fractures.

Features and Benefits

  • May heal fractures earlier.
  • Does not require surgery
  • Has been prescribed by over 25000 surgeons.
  • A safe and painless device worn externally over the fracture site.
  • Lightweight comfortable and easy to use.
  • May be worn during normal daily routine or while sleeping

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