FDI ErgoDynamic Forearm Crutches

Premier design featuring an integrated shock absorber system that softens each step to avoid shock to the hands, wrists and shoulders.

This one of  a kind design provides greater feedback and control while providing positive forward momentum to the user.

  • Available in 3 spring weight options
  • Soft replaceable forearm pad
  • Ultra-soft replaceable grips with easy push button release
  • Height selection locking device with safety clip
  • Full length aluminum backbone design for maximum strength
  • Flexible crutch tip design maximizes surface contact at any angle.
  • Latex Free
  • Available in Black.


  • Height range: 4'7" - 6'8"
  • Crutch weight: 1.32lbs
  • Max Weight: 286lbs
  • Height (Grip to floor): 28.4" - 39"
  • Distance between handle and cuff top: 9.6"
  • Spring Weights: (S) - up to 154lbs

       (M) - 132 - 198lbs

        (L) - over 176lbs


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