GII Unloader Spirit

  • For targeted pain relief therapy the patented GII three point pressure system is a biomechanical solution for a biomechanical problem. Patients afflicted with OA receive maximum comfort throughout the gait cycle because the "unloader" moment occurs only when needed.
  • The GII Unloader Spirit effectively relieves the pain associated with mild to severe unicompartmental Knee Osteoarthritis
  • It is a great choice for knee conditions that would benefit from load reduction to the affected compartemtn such as repair of articular cartilage defect repair meniscal cartilage repair avascular necrosis and tibia plateau fracture.
  • It is ideal for patients who wish to engage in normal day to day activities and who have proportional limb shape

To determine size measure circumference 6" above mid-patella

Circumference 6" above
X-Small 13.5"(34.3cm) to 16"(40.6cm)
Small 16"(40.6cm) to 18"(45.7cm)
Medium 18"(45.7cm) to 20"(50.8cm)
Large 20"(50.8cm) to 23.5"(59.7cm)
X-Large 23.5"(59.7cm) to 26.5"(67.3cm)

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