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iWalk 2.0 Hands-Free Crutch

  • Alternative to conventional crutches.
  • Uses the uninjured parts of your leg to support your weight when you stand or walk.
  • The three straps cinch around your leg to stabilize you during standing and walking.
  • Your hands and arms are not involved.
  • Hands-free means that there is no interruption to your normal day-to-day routine.
  • You can walk in a more natural way recruiting the larger stronger muscles of your legs.
  • This allows you to walk faster further and with less fatigue than is possible with conventional crutches.

Note: while it may appear that the weight is supported by the knee while using the iWalk 2.0 this is not the case. Your knee doesn't bear any of the weight. The iWalk 2.0 functions under a similar principle as a knee scooter where you kneel on a platform to support your weight.

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