Leukotape K Taping Book

Pain therapy and lymph therapy according to Japanese tradition

This book explains all aspects of Kinesiological taping from the history of taping to aftercare. Numerous illustrations allow various application techniques and individual steps of taping to be easily understood

Kinesiological taping as performed in the Far East has established itself as a therapeutic method in Germany and Europe. Taping is a surface therapy because of it's effect on the surface of the skin. It complements and supports other methods such as massage, physical therapy, manual therapy, lymph drainage, and some forms of neurological therapy

Kinesiological taping can act preventively as well as therapeutically and can also be employed in the rehabilitative setting. It focuses especially on sensation and mobilization, making it optimally suited especially for sports medicine.

It is possible to exert stimulating or detoning effect on muscles and joints as well as the lymphatic and nervous systems by means of special application of elastic tape bandages. Taping thereby activates and supports the body's own healing processes.

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