Pocket Guide

Massage Notes

  • Handy guide focuses on assessment as an invaluable tool for massage therapists
  • With a clear-and-concise writing style it presents the signs and symptoms associated with the conditions you are most lifeley to encounter in practice in one easy-to-use pocket size reference.

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Whenever you need A & P information quickly turn to this handy easy to understand pocket guide.
  • Superb full-color illustrations with precise labels accurately identify every structure

Ortho Notes

  • Each joint tab features subcategories for pathology across the lifespan and addresses medical screening imaging mechanism of injury ROM strength and functional deficits and special tests

Ther Ex Notes

  • Ideal reference for class or clinical
  • Organized by body region presents the guidlines photographs and descriptions needed to manage patients with a variety of musculoskeletal or neuromuscular conditions

Sport Notes

  • Guide to examination and treatment with illustrations and photographs most in full color.
  • 8 tabs packed with all the information you may need to quickly respond to any situation.

RN Notes

  • Handy pocket size and waterproof pages are great for students and educators on the go while NCLEX tips highlighted throughout make it perfect for those preparing for the licensure exam

EMS Notes

  • Covers over 100 emergency and nearly 2000 common prescription drugs; covers primary and secondary trauma and offers a simple approach to the rapid triage of multiple patients.
  • Differentiates the skills and tasks performed at the basic and intermediate levels as well as those performed by paramedics identifying the primary responsibility of each.

PT Clinical Notes

  • Prepare for the everyday encounters faced in the hospital rehab facility nursing home or home health setting

Mobilization Notes

  • Arranged by anatomic region provides an overview of functional anatomy and joint kinematics for the spine and extremities.
  • Detailed description of patient and clinician position along with photographs that include force vector arrows and points of stabilization is provided.

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