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  • PowerFlex was developed after years of research in an effort to better protect athletes from injury.
  • From this product a taping system was derived that has revolutionized the Sports Medicine Industry.
  • Trainers around the world use PowerFlex to tape and protect their athletes.
  • The PowerFlex Taping System is the strongest taping system on the market today. PowerFlex alone provides 23 lbs. tensile strength and up to 60 lbs. tensile strength when used in combination with white cloth trainers tape.
  • Perhaps the best feature of PowerFlex is the fact that it is sweat and water resistant and will not slip like traditional taping methods.
  • Taping players with PowerFlex eliminates the need for pre-wrap and spray adhesives.
  • Simply apply PowerFlex directly to the skin.
  • PowerFlex...for protection that's stronger more comfortable less expensive and will not slip from sweat.
  • Available in a variety of different color upon request.
  • Color options can only be ordered by the case.
  • Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Navy, Orange, Purple, and Red.

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