ProGuide - Vari Stretch Compression Bandage

ProGuide* is a multi-layer compression bandage for venous leg ulcers and associated conditions. Designed with Vari-stretch* technology you can vary the stretch of ProGuide and still get the effective compression.

ProGuide consists of 3 components:

    - ProGuide Wound Contact Layer (WCL) :A unique 10cm x 10cm dressing based on Allevyn* technology. The dressing is an absorbent hydrocellular pad sandwiched between two perforated wound contact layers.

- ProGuide #1 Absorbent Padding Layer: Designed to complement the compression layer ProGuide #1 is a highly absorbent padding.

- ProGuide #2 Compression Layer: ProGuide #2 is a unique compression bandage. The design of the elastic means the stretch of ProGuide can be varied and yet still achieve efective compression reducing the risk of over or under compressing.

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