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Stifneck® Extrication Cervical Collar

  • Fits all adult patients and delivers the superior immobilization.
  • Strong oxygen mask/nasal cannula hooks for securing supplemental oxygen devices.
  • Velcro strap closure with in-molded hook to enhance the performance of the collar in various environmental conditions.
  • Locks ensure selected sizes stay in place.
  • Adjustment tracks ensure symmetrical alignment of size.
  • Easy access for pulse checks advanced airway procedures and visualization through oversized trachea hole.
  • Directions molded into collar.
  • Pediatric collar has pink Velcro strap for easy identification.
  • Improved sizing to fit a wider range of pediatric patients.
  • Latex Free.

* Denotes size is a special order and therefore final sale

To determine size measure between the trapezius at the base of the neck and the chin with your fingers. Reproduce the finger measurement on the collar from sizing post to the bottom of the rigid plastic. The sizing post is in alignment with chin piece. Note: do not use the foam at the bottom as part of the measurement as it provides no support.

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