Shark Cutters - Tape Cutters

  • Athletic tape cutter that cuts fast with complete safety features snap-in stainless steel blade cartridge.
  • Heavy duty construction recommended by sports therapists.
  • Replacement blades are available.

Cramer Shark Cutters

  • Durable construction to prevent breaking
  • Cuts through tape quickly
  • Replacement blade cartridges
  • Cartridge's design prevents accidental lacerations
  • Length 8.25"

Cramer Shark Pro Tape Cutters

  • Ergonomic rubberized grips provide better control and comfort than standard tape cutters
  • Updated design allows for better leverage in removing tight tape while providing improved durability
  • Utilizes the same blades as the standard Shark to reduce excess inventory and eliminate confusion
  • Length 8.25"

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