Thera-Band Progressive Hand Trainer

  • The Thera-Band Progressive Hand Trainer assists patients recovering from hand or wrist surgery and helps improve hand finger and thumb strength and mobility during hand rehabilitation.
  • It provides the lightest resistance sequences available for immediate post-surgical rehabilitation in six levels of resistance: Tan, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and Black.
  • The Progressive Hand Trainer is composed of a pair of high impact 10" and 10.5" diameter molded rings that lock a fitted circular Thera-Band exercise sheet in place when pressed together.
  • The Hand Trainer's elastic sheets are supplied in the same colors and resistances as Thera-Band exercise bands from tan (extra light) to black (extra heavy).
  • With more than 60 access holes the elastic sheets provide numerous strength training and range of motion exercises including progressive extension exercises of the hand and wrist.

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