Ossur Unloader PF

The Unloader PF brace is designed to provide pain relief for patellofemoral osteoarthritis patients, through compression, patella support and multi-directional patella tracking. Support and tracking of the patella, through the use of patellofemoral bracing, has been proven to provide pain relief and functional improvements

  • Designed to provide pain relief
  • Patella support and multi-directional patella-tracking
  • Can be used together with the Unloader One for combined Tibiofemoral and Patellofemoral osteoarthritis, or as a stand alone brace
  • The dial of the SmartTracking feature allows fro easy adjustment of the level of patella support


  • Patellofemoral osteoarthritis
  • Other conditions that may benefit from realignment and support of the patella, such as petellofemoral pain syndrome, dislocation/subluxation of the patella, mal-alignment of the patella, chondromalacia patella

Fitting Instructions

*To determine size please measure 4" below mid-patella

Size 4" below mid-patella
X-Small 11" - 12.5"
Small 12.5" - 14"
Medium 14" - 16"
Large 16" - 18.5"
X-Large 18.5" - 21"


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