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Waveflex 6000X Hand CPM Unit

Advanced hand CPM technology.

Lightweight construction makes it portable and easy to wear.

Offers unparalleled motion by achieving a true full composite fist at 270.

Each joint is fully flexed through a natural path of motion.


    Adjustable speed and force settings

    Pause on flexion or extension

    Warm up feature

    Programmable reverse-onload

    0-30 second pause feature at end of flexion and/or extension

    Built-in compliance meter for monitoring patient

    Lock-out feature prevents patients from changing settings

    Uses 4 AA batteries or included power supply.

    Range of motion:

    • MCP: 0 - 90
    • PIP: 0 - 110
    • DIP: 0 - 70
    • Full composite fist: 270

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