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Zubits Magnetic Shoe Closures

  • Zubits magnetic closures are uniquely engineered to be incredibly strong to hold your shoe secure while running and jumping.
  • When the Zubit closures are opened/separated this allows for a huge opening to quickly and easily slide into your shoes.
  • No more tying, double knotting or un-knotting, just simple pull the magnets together and they magnetically attach themselves.

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Size 1 Size 2

Size 3

Child/Elder/Some Adults Adult/Youth

Large Adult/Sport

  • Kids 5-8 years old
  • Low activity, walking
  • Light casual shoes
  • Individuals with Special Needs
  • Ages 8 to Adult
  • Best size for most Adults including men who run
  • Great for running and going to the gym
  • People over 190lbs/85kg
  • For recreational sports
  • You really like tight laces
  • Boots or stiff sole shoes

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