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Donjoy Exos Long Thumb Brace with Boa

    • Provides primary stabilization for the first metacarpophalangeal joint with the first carpometacarpal joint.
    • Provides secondary support for the radiocarpal and radioulnar wrist joints.
    • Can also be used for confirmed or suspected scaphoid fractures, and for injuries or arthritis invoice the other carpals of the wrist.
    • Not made with natural rubber latex.


    • Thermoformable - prepared for application using a waterless dry-heat preparation system
    • Waterproof/Washable - can be worn during bathing and swimming
    • Antimicrobial treated
    • Reformable/Custom fit - molded to the patient to achieve a custom fit that be molded and remolded as desired
    • Lightweight - significantly lighter than plaster and fiberglass casts
    • Radiolucent - brace does not need to be removed for x-ray imaging
    • Sawless removal

    Please refer to picture for sizing

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