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Medicom® Safemask TailorMade Earloop Mask - ASTM Level 3

  • Disposable, single use, medical grade face masks that offer ASTM level 3 protection.
  • Ideal for treating high-risk patients and for procedures with high spray/splatter levels, airborne particles, and moisture.
  • Features dual-fit nose and chin pieces to form customized tight seal and prevent gapping around face.
  • Made from soft, non-woven material which enhances breathability.
  • Ultrasonically sealed earloops prevent irritation.
  • Shingled pleats prevent fluid from pooling.
  • Blue in colour.
  • Latex free.
  • 50/box


  • Bacterial filtration efficiency: ≥ 98% (3.0um large bacteria)
  • Particle filtration efficiency: ≥ 98% (0.1um large latex particules)
  • Fluid resistance: 160mmHg
  • Breathability - Delta P: <6.0mm H₂O/cm²
  • Dimensions: 6⅞" (L) x 3½" (W)

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