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  • The Biomechanical Ankle Platform System (BAPS) provides clinical control over all planes of motion progressive strengthening and variable stress with the foot in ground contact.
  • The BAPS system consists of a reversible platform five hemispherical attachments weight rods and weights and a storage rack.
  • When the foot is placed on the platform as designated and as the platform rotates around BAPS recreates a proportionate and progressive degree of abduction or adduction of the foot and ankle proportional amounts of dorsiflexion plantar flexion inversion and eversion along with axes of motion.
  • BAPS enables the development of conditioning or rehabilitation programs for individuals at any level of activity by allowing for control of non-weight-bearing partial- full- or overloaded-weight-bearing exercise  to the ankle and lower extremities with the foot in ground contact for concurrent proprioceptive rehabilitation.
  • The system provides calibrated resistance assistance and platform loading for strengthening specific areas of the ankle and lower extremities.
  • It offers progression of levels of mobility through a series of five calibrated hemispherical attachments providing controlled amounts of rotational force to the ankle and lower extremities.

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