Earthlite Avalon XD Massage Table Package

The Avalon massage table package combines value and unparalleled performance for the massage professional or serious student. Feature after feature of tables costing much more are standard with the Earthlite Avalon. This workhorse table is handsome and durable too with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. As it has for almost 20 years the Avalon table is the ultimate blend of honest value intelligent design and true craftsmanship.

Superior strength and stability

  • Premium Maple hardwood and Russian Birch decking
  • Milled and assembled following Earthlites tight manufacturing tolerances.
  • Half and Half Reiki/Standard end panels balance stability and client access.
  • Patented Mid-brace Cradle-lock cabling system provides unsurpassed stability.
  • Passes 450 lb. dynamic load drop test.
Luxurious yet functional
  • Luxurious NaturSoft Vinyl -- soft to the touch.
  • High Quality 2 single-layer cushioning.
  • Dual wooden outlets for even table wear.
  • Shiatsu release cables.
Great Value
  • Package includes Earthlites Deluxe Adjustable Headrest and Single Pocket Carry Case.
  • Earthlites Limited Lifetime Warranty on frame applies.
Other Features & Specs:
  • Weight Range: 29lbs-31lbs
  • Width: 30
  • Length: 73
  • Standard adjustable height range: 23 to 33
  • Passes 450 lb. drop test
  • Available in Black, Mystic Blue, Burgundy, Amethyst, Teal, Hunter Green, and Vanilla Cream.

More Details

$480.00 $649.00