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Bakrol Contour Back Rolls

  • "D" Shaped Bakrol:
    • Firmer than the Regular Bakrol.
    • The roll of choice for office chairs when the user is required to lean forward or change position frequently.
  • ContourBakrol (Super Roll):
    • Developed more than 10 years ago this roll remains the most advanced ergonomic design.
    • It is the roll of choice for better ergonomic seats and an attractive roll for long term lumbar support.
    • Velour cover.
  • Contour Deluxe Bakrol:
    • Using the same ergonomic design as the Super Roll the Deluxe Bakrol offers an extremely comfortable soft support.
    • Velour cover.
  • Demi Bakrol:
    • Same quality high resiliency foam as the Regular Rolls but only 2.5 thick with one flat side.

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