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Dry Pro Cast Protector

    • The Dry Pro is completely watertight. The Dry Pro Pump is the only leg and arm protector in the world with the patented vacuum seal.
    • The Dry Pro fits snugly yet comfortably during a shower a bath and even an active swim
    • Unlike "modified garbage bag" products the Dry Pro cannot slip off. You can't even pull it off!

    To determine size circumference and length

    To measure the circumference of the arm or leg right above the cast (if the end of the cast is very close to the elbow measure mid bicep or measure mid thigh).

    Do not measure around the cast, measure around the skin.

    To measure the length, measure from the tip of the middle finger (or the bottom of the heel) to the top end of the cast. It is ok if the cast protector measurement is longer then the limb measurement, the protector will still work. Extra length will be removed when the vacuum seal is created.

    Full Arm Cast Covers
     Arm Cast Cover Arm Circumference Length
    X-Small 6" - 6.75" 16"
    Small 6.75" - 8.75" 23"
    Medium 8.75" - 10" 28"
    Large 10" & up 31.5"


    Full Leg Cast Covers
    Leg Cast Cover Leg Circumference Length
    X-Small 7.5" – 11" 19"
    Small 14" – 16.5" 29"
    Medium 16.5" – 21" 33"
    Large 21' & up 37"


    Half Arm Cast Covers
    Half Arm Arm Circumference Length
    Small 7.75" - 10" 17.5"
    Large 10" & up 20"


    Half Leg Cast Covers
    Half Leg Leg Circumference Length
    Small 10"-13" 21"
    Large 13" & up 23.5"

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