Handi Reacher

  • Adds inches to arm length so picking up objects doesn't have to include stretching and bending.
  • Ideal for people with limited hand strength.
  • Lightweight reacher features an ergonomically designed trigger that is operated with the whole hand requiring less strength than traditional 2-finger triggers
  • Constructed with wire-driven jaws eliminating a string that can stretch and break.
  • Lightweight frame resists twisting and bending when picking up heavier objects.
  • Short trigger distance is ideal for people with stiff hands.
  • Slip-resistant jaws can pick up even extremely small items.
  • Includes a magnet for picking up metal objects.
  • Includes a hook that aids with dressing

Available in 3 lengths:

  • Standard - 24"
  • Long - 30"
  • X-Long - 35"

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