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Cica-Care Silicone Gel Sheet

  • Cica-Care is a self-adhesive gel sheet that is medically proven to be up to 90% effective in the improvement of red, dark or raised scars.
  • Cica-Care is durable comfortable and re-usable ideal for day and night use.
  • It is also safe to use on children and adults.
  • Cica-Care can even be used on scars up to 20 years old.
  • Within 2-4 months scars you thought were permanent can be treated and their appearance improved - permanently.
  • Designed to soften, flatten and fade red, dark or raised scars that have resulted from surgery, accidents, cuts and burns and injury to any part of the body, including the face.
  • Not suitable for use on white scars that naturally fade away.
  • Not to be used on open or infected wounds or over scabs or stitches.

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