Aspen® Cervical Collar

  • Designed to optimize support and comfort.
  • The structure of the collar was engineered to provide substantial motion restriction without producing painful pressure points that can lead to skin breakdown or poor patient compliance.
  • All contact surfaces of the collar are cushioned with cotton-lined breathable foam padding.
  • Latex Free

Replacement pad sets available

Key Points:

  • Effective motion restriction it has been documented both translation and angulation of each vertebral segment through the entire ROM the Aspen system to be unsurpassed in its ability to safeguard the patient.
  • Minimal skin breakdown - The structural elements of the collars have been designed to spread support across broad contact surfaces there by eliminating hot-spots that can cause skin breakdown.
  • Custom support unique tabs allow the collar to conform to each patient as it is tightened as well as the occipital support strap creates an adjustable three dimensional shelf that cradles the back of the head.

Printable Sizing Chart

How often do Aspen Collar pads need to be changed?
Pads should be changed or cleaned daily. Replacement pads are available to purchase.

How do I clean the pads?
Use a mild soap and water to clean the pads by hand. Pat them dry with a towel and lay out to air dry. Do not use heat to dry the pads.

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