Cast Cooler®

  • Canadian Distributor of the Castcooler is uniquely designed to provide immediate relief from itching associated with wearing a fibreglass cast.
  • By creating a gentle vacuum on the outside of your cast or splint air flow is directed through the lining of your cast/splint. This air flow immediately removes moisture and cools your skin. Without touching your skin bacteria itch and odor are significantly reduced and your cast stays fresh.
  • You may apply the Castcooler to any area on the outside of a breathable orthopedic cast. Lightly stretch the Castcooler around the cast and cling the blue wrap onto itself.
  • Connect a standard vacuum hose (household vacuum cleaner shop vac central vac etc.) to the nozzle connection of the Castcooler. Turn the vacuum on relax and enjoy the cooling sensation of moisture being removed from the lining through your cast.
  • The Castcooler accommodates all limb sizes and shapes by conforming to irregularities and sealing against the cast/splint. If the wrap is longer than necessary simply trim the wrap with scissors as indicated by the 'cut here' guidelines provided.

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