Catalyst™ Cryohelmet v2 Adjustable

  • Delivers consistent and long lasting, soothing cooling to your head and neck.
  • Features an adjustable drawstring fro better fit over a larger range of head shapes and sizes as well as improve overall contact with the body.
  • Ponytail slot added for those with longer hair.
  • Maintains flexibility when frozen for a comfortable fit right out of the freezer!
  • Catalyst ice packs are reusable and long lasting (90 minutes or more!)
  • Insulating neoprene shell is latex free.
  • All parts are machine washable, line dry.
  • Includes neoprene hood, required cold packs, insulated bag with 1 large travel cold pack.


  • Migraine relief
  • Manage concussion symptoms
  • Promote healthy sleep
  • Aid in performance and recovery or cool down from the heat

To determine size measure the distance around the head just above eyebrows and about an inch above the ears:

Hat Size Head Circumference
X-Small  < 6⅝"  < 21"
Small (Youth) 6⅝" - 7"  21" - 22¼"
Adult Med/Large 7" - 7½" 22¼" - 23¾"
Adult X-Large 7½" - 7⅞" 23¾" - 25"

*Use of the Cryohelmet is not a substitute for seeking proper medical attention

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