Cefar PRIMO Pro II TENS Unit

  • Cefar PRIMO Pro II TENS unit builds on the already estabilished technology of the original PRIMO Pro with the next generation.
  • Offers TENS and EMS/NMES programs to treat different kinds of pain and muscle rehabilitation.

Product Features

  • Choose between 10 preset programs, and 5 open slots to create your own personalized programs.
    • P1: Gate Control (HF) 80Hz
    • P2: Burst (LF) 2Hz
    • P3: Gate Control (HF) 80Hz Mod
    • P4: Gate Control (HF) 80Hz Sens
    • P5: Mixed Frequency Tens (Han Stimulation)
    • P6: Neuromodulation (LF) 10Hz
    • P7: HF Flow Tens
    • P8: Endorphinic (LF) 5Hz
    • P9: Gate Control (HF) 100Hz
    • P10: NMES Muscle Stim 50Hz
    • P11-15: Custom Programs
  • 1+1 Function - features 2 independent channels that can be managed separately.
  • Compliance monitor - clinician's can track patient's progress by monitoring hours of usage since device was reset or total hours.
  • Unit can be locked to ensure patient will only use the appropriate program.
  • Some programs have a preset timer.
  • An automatic keypad lock prevents accidental changes in amplitude.
  • A clear display shows the current settings.
  • Powered by a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery - simply plug into the charging cable and unit will charge in less than 90 minutes.


  • Outputs: 2 independent channels
  • Pulse Shape: Constant asymmetric rectangular current (TENS), symmetric (NMES)
  • Max. Pulse Intensity: 99.5 mA (Constant TENS), 99 V (Constant NMES), 30 mA (Electoacupuncture).
  • Pulse Intensity Increments: 0-99 @ 0.5 mA (TENS), 0-99 @ 1 V (NMES),  0.1-30mA @ 0.1 mA (Electroacupunture)
  • Pulse Width: 60-400 us
  • Frequency: 1-120Hz
  • Battery Life: 6-10 hours on a full charge
  • 3 Year Warranty

Cefar Primo Pro II comes with 2 sets of lead wires, wall charger, 1 set of electrodes, neck strap, belt clip, carrying case, and user manual

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