Co-Plus LF

  • Co-Plus* LF is a flexible cohesive bandage ideal for use by healthcare professionals and patients with a sensitivity to natural rubber latex. The bandage has a unique synthetic construction incorporating a combination of nylon and viscose yarns coated with a latex free component to provide cohesive properties.
  • Highly versatile and easy to use - Co-Plus LF is hand tearable in both directions.
  • Co-Plus LF sticks only to itself not to skin or clothing. This makes the bandage easy to apply and allows effortless pain-free removal.
  • The unique construction provides consistent non-slip support.
  • Flexible substrate means that Co-Plus LF is able to conform to even the most awkward body contours.
  • Porous structure which aids skin breath ability.
  • 4.5m roll.
  • Colour packs available as a special order item.

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