Dynamic Splints

    Patented eccentric torsion spring delivers gentle & consistent tension across the full range

    Maintains tension with little or no end-range drop off which limits frequent adjustments

    Easy to fit cuffs and adjustable struts make custom fitting simple and precise

    Adjustments for tension and length are integrated into the device eliminating the need for adjustment tools

    Innovation lock/lock level safety features provides a safe and convenient method to lock out tension during fitting and removal

    Adjunctive therapy with dynamic splinting can be an effective at home therapy for patients struggling to regain complete range of motion

    Indicated for use: patients with limited range of motion resulting from connective tissue changes secondary to orthopedic or neurological conditions including post surgery post-fractures CVA burns Cerebral Palsy below knee amputation.


    Advance Dynamic ROM orthoses

      Designed to help you achieve desired clinical outcomes by utilizing an adjunctive cost-effective treatment outside the clinic setting allowing you to take advantage of valuable non-clinic hours.

      The biological principle is that periarticular connective tissue (PCT) will remodel in response to the type and amount of physical stress it receives. That the major advantage of dynamic orthoses in restoring ROM.

      Treating with dynamic orthoses:

        Addresses the plastic component of connective tissue deformation which may facilitate long-term ROM improvement

        Delivers low-load stress at the joints end-range over a prolonged period of time called Total End-Range Time (TERT)

        Applies an opposing force over time to shortened muscle

        Goal: ROM Gains for Your Patients

          Combined with other passive and active ROM techniques Advance Dynamic ROM orthoses help facilitate more long-term range gains for your patients. And they achieve these gains safely and comfortably.

            Dynamic Splints are available for rent or purchase

            Rent: $350/month

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