EdemaWear® Stockinet

  • Comfortable Solution for Swelling
  • Delivers 15-20mmHg compression under a series of longitudinal ridges running parallel to the limb.
  • Longitudinal compression cannot cause a tourniquet effect that could interfere with limb circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Delivers optimal pressure under the parallel ridges while leaving four fifths of the skin surface free.
  • Constructed from durable Nylon and Lycra so is is easy to clean and is reusable.
  • Can be cut to length and will not unravel.
  • Latex Free
Circumference Site
Small Up to 45cm (18")
  • Foot to Knee
  • Wrist to Shoulder
Medium Up to 75cm (30")
  • Foot to Knee or Groin
  • Wrist to Shoulder
Large Up to 115cm (46")
  • Knee to Groin
X-Large Up to 150cm (60")
  • Knee to Groin

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