Finger Gutter Splint

  • Contoured finger splint provides a comfortable fit with firm stable immobilization.
  • Useful for fractures dislocations ligamentous injuries fingertip injuries and other soft tissue injuries.
  • The splint can be cleaned with soap and lukewarm water
  • It should be allowed to dry thoroughly before reapplication
  • Splint can be widened without heating by gently bending edges outward. If needed splint which is made from 1/16" (1.6mm) Ezeform Light splinting material can be spot heated with a heat gun or in a heat pan of water at a temperature of 150 to 160 degree F. (65 - 70C). Heating the entire splint may cause it to lose its preformed shape.
  • Latex Free

For size measure from the web to the tip of the finger.

Gutter Length
X-Small 2 3/4"
Small 3"
Medium 3 1/4"
Large 3 1/2"
X-Large 3 3/4"

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