Folding Stocking Aid

  • This revolutionary stocking aid encompasses many features intended to overcome the shortcomings of older models. Molded into the blade are two hinges which allow the side wings to fold. This folding feature combines the benefits of a flat stocking aid (easy to store) and a hard gutter shape (easy to use).
  • When both side wings are folded in on themselves it is extremely easy to slide the stocking aid into the stocking. Then the side wings are folded open to form an open tunnel. When the stocking is held open like this it is easy to slide the stocking over your foot.
  • The side wings have large hook areas to grip the stocking as it is being pulled up your leg.
  • The centre panel has raised pebbled slide strips to reduce the friction your bare heel on the plastic.
    The outside edges have a large bead running around them to protect the stockings from snagging and runs.
  • Wide web strap pulls are easy on hands.
  • Last but not least the tip acts as a long shoehorn to reduce bending when putting your shoes on.

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