Form Narrow Medium Insole

Designed with the narrow foot in mind. Average width is 1cm more narrow than the standard Form insole.

  • Heat-moldable or wear-moldable technology provides customized support.
  • 1.6mm thick cushion layer for extra comfort and shock absorption.
  • Comfort shaped arch reduces stress through feet, knees, and back
  • Deep heel cup is designed to improves stability and shock absorption through heel.
  • TemperWeave™ top layer reduces and controls moisture and odour.
  • Thin profile is ideal for slim-fitting footwear such as: dress shoes, ski boots, cleats, cowboy boots, and casual shoes.
  • Machine washable.

Click here for heat-molding instructions

  Shoe Size
Size A W4.5-5
Size B W5.5-6
Size C M5-5.5 / W6.5-7
Size D M6-6.5 / W7.5-8
Size E M7-7.5 / W8.5-9
Size F M8-8.5 / W9.5-10
Size G M9-9.5 / W10.5-11
Size H M10-10.5 / W11.5-12
Size I M11-11.5 / W12.5-13
Size J M12-12.5
Size K M13-13.5

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