Intelect Mobile Laser by Chattanooga

Intelect Mobile Laser

Clinical Portable Battery Powered Option
The Intelect Mobile Laser is a truly portable laser unit that does not confine you to a wall socket to operate.

Clinical Indications
An efficient approach for setting up a treatment using preset parameters.

Real Time Feedback
This feature provides a continuously measured and monitored output system that adjusts the dosage delivered to the patient.

Electronic Signature
Automatically calibrate the system to any size Intelect Mobile Laser applicator.

Ergonomic Applicators
A new ergonomic design that offers a 20 degree contour in the applicator hand grip. This ergonomic extra will help deliver uniform Laser Light Therapy with greater clinician comfort.

Clear LCD display
Guide the operator through the setup process providing continuous feedback about treatment settings. Gives you optimal visibility during attended procedures.

User Protocols
User protocols allow you to set save and change the parameters of each program (protocol) in order to tailor it to meet your patients specific needs. Ten storage slots are available for user protocols.

Laser Acupuncture
Combined with the laser applicator (single laser diode) the patient-handheld acupuncture locator allows the user to locate optimum treatment sites on the patients body.

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Includes 2 Laser Glasses

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