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Leukotape K

  • An elastic tape used to support the sensory functions.
  • Stretchable cotton material works ideally with the skins natural elasticity.
  • The support is coated with a skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive.
  • It is permeable to air reducing the risk of maceration.
  • The wave pattern of the adhesive can support the therapeutic effect.


  • Soothing sensation of pain
  • Stimulating mechanoreceptors in the skin
  • Encouraging proprioception & electromyographic activity
  • Encouraging lymph drainage
  • Posture correction

Features and Benefits

  • High user comfort; extremely thin and skin-friendly
  • Durable for up to one week's use
  • Water-resistant: can be worn in the shower and during sports
  • Easy to remove
  • Latex Free
  • Available in Black Tan Red & Blue.


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