Musculoskeletal Disorders, Vol. I & II

  • Common-sense oriented with well-referenced and time-tested techniques.
  • Easy to understand and immediately implement.
  • Not overly didactic or philosophically restrictive.
  • Up-to-date and timely without being "trendy" in its recommended application.

Volume I: The Spine

  • An unparalleled common-sense approach to clinical decision-making especially in situations where pathology is unclear or not responsive to conventional treatment.
  • Recently updated sections on spinal rehabilitation prevention work hardening programs sacroiliac/pelvic dysfunction mobilization and exercise make this the premier spinal evaluation and treatment text.

Volume II: Extremities

  • A chapter is devoted to each major joint with descriptions of key anatomical features comprehensive evaluation techniques and a handy section on identification and treatment of commonly seen conditions.
  • Chapters on introductory principles gait evaluation exercise joint mobilization and prevention complete this comprehensive work.

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