Oleeva® Scar Management Fabric

  • Can reduce existing scars and can aid in the prevention of new scars from traumatic or surgical injuries.
  • Thin, soft and flexible the silky fabric backing reduces shifting and edge roll-up when used underneath clothing and pressure garments.
  • Self-adhesive for maximum convenience and versatility.
  • A unique combination of breathability, flexibility, washability and adhesiveness.

Proper care:

  • At lease once per day remove Oleeva and wash both sides using warm water and plain liquid or bar soap that does not contain moisturizer. Any soap can be used that does not contain lotion, oil, moisturizer or glycerin.
  • It is important to rub soap over the sticky side and rinse well to ensure removal of all debris
  • Once you have thoroughly cleaned Oleeva and the shin site it is best to place the sheet on a clean surface and allow it to dry prior to reapplication

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