Ossur Cold Rush Cooling Unit

    Cooling unit is not sold with sleeve - must be purchased separately. Click here for options.
    • Also known as an ice machine.
    • This cryotherapy unit provides an effective and soothing treatment for reducing post-operative pain and swelling.
    • Helps return patients to normal activity faster by providing cooling relief throughout the healing and recovery process.
    • Suited for hospital or home use.
    • Durable motor.
    • Strong flow rate.
    • Weighing just 4.6 lbs.
    • Features like a locking lid to help prevent spills.
    • Insulated walls for improved cooling.
    • Male/female connector ends on the hose of the unit & wrap.
    • Available for purchase or rent.
    • Specify joint when ordering for proper wrap selection.

    Instructional Video 

    Rental Instruction

    Our cooling unit rentals are 4 weeks in duration with the option to extend. The cost of the initial rental is $150.00 plus GST. It is $25.00 per week for any additional time requested. Please note that we require a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express number to be left on file for security on all of our rentals. This ensure that our rentals will be returned on time and that they will be returned undamaged. The renter is responsible for the unit during the rental duration. If a credit card is not available the renter is responsible to pay for the unit and sleeve in its entirety at the time of pick up. The renter will be refunded the deposit when the unit is returned in its original condition. Additionally these rentals are time sensitive. Please arrange to pick up the unit & sleeve the day of or the day prior to your scheduled surgery. The user is responsible to bring the unit and the sleeve to the surgery (both pieces are required).

    Please contact us for more information.

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