PARI PRONEB® Max Aerosl Delivery System

Performance meets style with PARI's newest aerosol delivery system!

  • Tabletop, AC-powered unit designed for those who need a reliable and durable compressor nebulizer system.
  • Updated design is sleeker, quieter, and has a lower operating temperature compare to PARI's previous 1.6 bar compressor.
  • Nebulizer cup holds liquid medicine, while the compressor supplies air that breaks the medicine down into a mist or areosol.
  • Fast treatment times with the LC Sprint reusable nebulizer allow you to spend less time on aerosol therapy improving quality of life.
  • Breath-enhanced design helps reduce medication waste, saving money!
  • What's included: PRONEB Max Compressor, 2 LC Sprint Reusable Nebulizers, 2 valved mouthpieces, Wing Tip tubing, and Instruction manual


  • Operating pressure: 23.2 PSI (1.6 bar)
  • Liter Flow: 5.0 LPM
  • Weight: 3.75lbs
  • Dimensions: 7.28" x 5.12" x 5.91"
  • Compressor warranty: 5 years

Click here for instructions for use.

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