PolyMem Nursicare

  • Therapeutic breast pads help reduce nipple damage and pain often caused by infant suckling.
  • Help soothe tender, sore, irritated, cracked, or painful nipples.
  • The pads absorb fluid and gently expand to establish full contact with the wound bed.
  • The built-in cleanser helps keep the wound bed clean and removes the damaged tissue.
  • Glycerin the moisturizer in Nursicare, contributes to an optimal environment to heal the nipples and prevent the pads from sticking to the skin.
  • The unique features help reduce inflammation, thus addressing both persistent and procedural wound pain.
  • The super absorbent pulls in fluid from the nipple and locks it into the Nursicare pad, helping keep fluid out of the wound bed.
  • The external film controls the evaporation process and protects the nipple wound from external contamination.

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