Posture Medic - Original & Plus Strength

Stretch, Strengthen, Stabilize -
One Simple Device Does it All


  • Progressive Rehabilitation through increased repetitions and ability to move to PLUS series
  • Virtually hands-off rehabilitation systems for the doctor.
  • Patients learn use and upgrade at their own pace.
  • Easy-to-use instructions and simplicity of the product make it suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Offers clinics and patients the ability to rehab or pre-hab without a large investment.
  • Available in 4 sizes and 2 strengths.
  • Can benefit any patient that sits or stands for long periods of time such as office workers truckers assembly line workers and many other professionals can all benefit.

Original Strength suits 75% of patients.
Ideal for patients with both inactive and active lifestyles.

RED - Small
GREEN - Medium
YELLOW - Large
BLACK - X-Large

PLUS Strength suits patients that regularly strength train and athletes.
Also serves as second level progression for patients that have maximized their rehabilitation with the Original Strength.

PURPLE - Small
BLUE - Medium
SILVER - Large
ORANGE - X-Large

To determine size see sizing chart pictured.

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