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Pro Thigh Sleeve

  • Beneficial in the treatment of thigh and groin pulls.
  • Sleeve provides uniform compression and support.
  • Addition of a pull pad to the sleeve provides increased heat when placed over the injury area.
  • Available in N1 and N2 material
  • N1 - very rubbery texture and offers a fair amount of resistance against the skin. Helpful if you are a professional athlete or a very active person and do not want to have to adjust the support during game time or a good run. If difficult to apply use talcum powder to slide the support into place
  • N2 - Lines with a soft nylon cover that is the same texture as the outside of the neoprene support. This makes the support ideal for everyday use and easier to apply.

To determine size measure mid-thigh circumference

Mid-Thigh Circumference
Small 19 1/4" - 20"
Medium 20 1/4" - 22"
Large 22 1/4" - 25"
X-Large 25 1/4" - 28"
XX-Large 28 1/4" - 31"

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