Proactive Pretekt Sensor Pads


    Chair and Bed

    • Weight-sensitive pressure pads for bed and chair monitor use.
    • When connected, the pressure pad triggers the monitor when weight is removed from the pressure pad alerting the caregiver to respond.
    • The alarm automatically resets when the patient returns to the safe position, reducing false alarms.
    • All pads are constructed with durable vinyl cover, moisture resistant and easy to clean.
    • Sensor pads are designed without holes to increase their water resistance and lifespan.
    • Classic chair sensor pads can be used on a variety of chairs and wheelchairs.
    • Slim design provides patients with a comfortable seating environment.
    • Sensor function warns caregivers of patients attempting to leave chair or bed earlier than most other pads.
    Floor Sensor Pad
    • Alarm sounds when person exits the bed and steps on the pressure-sensitive pad.
    • Large, heavy-duty, nonslip grips ensures that the sensor pad does not move
    • Thin edges let wheelchairs roll onto pad and prevent patient from accidentally tripping on pad.

    More Details

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