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Ossur Rebound Cartilage Custom

Protective functional solution designed to support regeneration of the knee cartilage after repair procedures such as microfracture OATS and (M)ACI.

Dual Cartilage Protection Straps maintain joint unloading in flexion for protection of the cartilage during the healing process

Breathable wrap around sleeve integrated with Sensil Silicone coated calf liners and doeskin thigh lingers provide increase comfort while ensuring adequeate suspension


  • Articular cartilage defect repair needing unicarpartmental load reduction or range-of-movement restriction
  • Cartlage knee trauma benefiting from unloading or movement restriction and needing pain relief
  • May also be beneficial for other unicompartmental knee conditions that require unloading movement restriction and pain relief such as: meniscal repair Avascular Necrosis condylar bone bruises

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