Respond ROM Knee Orthosis

  • The bilateral hinges of the RCAI Respond ROM Knee Orthosis with thermoplastic thigh and calf cuffs with can accommodate patients with 0 to moderate tone and mild spasticity and offers 10 increment settings for flexion/extension knee control following sprains strains joint stiffness and post surgical knee procedures.
  • The Respond ROM hinge features a static lock PEM that allows the brace to provide support in full extension following stroke arthritis knee instability and ligament repairs. It can be used static progressively for positioning.
  • The liner is made of synthetic sheepskin material.
  • The kneecap which is included with the Respond ROM provides three-point pressure leverage and knee control.
  • Product length 17"

To determine size measure mid thigh circumference

Size Mid Thigh
X-Small 13" - 16"
Small 16" - 18"
Medium 18" - 20"
Large 20" - 24"

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