SideStix - Forearm Crutch

  • High Performance Forearm Crutches
  • Helps increase mobility for an active and healthier lifestyle
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Reduce pain and protect joints
  • Customized and adjustable

Features include:

Customizable Cuff

  • Three styles to chose from depending on your needs. The cuffs are made from high quality Nylon and can be easily resized. Durable leather cuff pads prevent chaffing

Ergonomically Designed

  • The only forearm crutch designed by an occupational therapist and an engineer, with a ergonomically designed forearm assemble that reduces secondary injuries by keeping wrist and forearm in a neutral position. This improves the ability to walk longer with greater comfort.

Ergonomic BioKork Handgrip

  • Provides the ultimate in comfort. Made from cork that is antibacterial, hypo allergenic and super grippy. SideStix grip covers are also available

Damper Shock Absorbing System

  • The first and only forearm crutch to feature a revolutionary damping shock absorber system. The shock absorbing system reduces joint compression and provides energy return. Reduced fatigue and pain is a direct result

Carbon Fiber Lower Tubes

  • The lower tubes are made from carbon fiber which is very durable and lightweight. The carbon fiber keeps the overall weight low, reducing energy use and improving the efficiency of ambulation

Customized to Fit

  • Each pair of SideStix crutches is custom designed to fit an individual's specific measurements and mobility challenge. Height can also be further adjusted on the lower tubes by five inches and the forearm cuffs can be easily resized. Correctly fitting crutches are more comfortable, provide better stability and reduce secondary injuries.

Interchangeable Tips and Attachments

  • Standard Tornado Tips provide excellent articulation and grip on most surfaces thus improving stability. An assortment of interchangeable outdoor attachments which offer accessibility to a a variety of terrains previously unavailable to crutches users can also be purchased separately .

Available in 3 different styles:

  • Boundless
  • Discovery
  • Explorer

*This product is special order, and therefore is final sale*

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